What We Do?

OurHealthMate is a healthcare technology startup that has successfully reinvented corporate healthcare in India. Our managed healthcare repertoire, underpinned by innovative technologies and superlative security, is tailored for an array of industries and organizations. It is composed of holistic healthcare services, carefully curated workplace wellness programs and streamlined platforms. OurHealthMate’s services are rooted in three pillars – care planning, business intelligence and quality execution.

The "3" Pillars

Care Planning
End-to-end, tech-driven programs

OurHealthMate partners with organizations to create tailor-made health and wellness programs that serve to minimize healthcare costs, boost employee satisfaction, enhance retention, augment productivity and promote a superlative culture of health and wellbeing. Our partner network allows us to craft thoughtful, bespoke programs for every organization, each pointed at allowing flexible implementation and eliciting focused results.

Business Intelligence
Powerful, analytics-powered engine

Our unique API-powered programs and platforms allow you to marry avant-garde technology with your company’s localized intelligence to create comprehensive, cutting-edge analytics. Our analytics engine safely and securely processes a range of data metrics to form a customized health dashboard.

Quality Execution
Flawless, foolproof grassroot execution

Our strength lies in growing and galvanizing personalized health and wellness programs on the ground. Through data-driven messaging and human, digital and mobile touchpoints, our team of hustlers strive to incentivize your employees to engage in wellness workshops, participate in health programs and work towards a better lifestyle.

Care Programs

Under care planning vertical, we identify the healthcare needs of each employee of a given organization and works on various care planning framework to identify an appropriate program that addresses specific goals.

1.   Preventive Health Care

Health Check

2.   Employee Engagement


3.   Employee Wellbeing


4.   Financial Wellness

Tax &

Workplace Wellbeing

How are we transforming wellbeing at corporate level?

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