Why OurHealthMate?

At OurHealthMate (OHM), we believe that healthy employees are a company’s best asset; hence we are trying to inculcate a culture of health first. As organizations become more concerned with wellness from physical to mental health, more companies are investing in their employees’ health to benefit from a happier and healthier workforce. We engage with corporates for personalized wellness portfolio management of employees. Our services are rooted in a three-pronged service strategy - Care Planning, Business Intelligence, and Quality Execution.

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Super Secure

The platform ensures high-end data security with 256-bit data encryption and integrated HIPAA compliant security system.
We have proposed a novel approach that enhances data confidentiality while maintaining and sharing records.

Digital Storage
Digital Delivery
Data Security

Benefits for Employers

At OurHealthMate, we go beyond the basics. We don’t just partner with organizations, we form powerful partnerships that change organizational outcomes.

Vast Selection Of Programs

As India’s leading 360-degree healthcare solution provider, we hold a vast range of health and wellness programs in its bouquet of offerings. We pay special attention to detail with every partner, with custom-crafted programs that are potent and personalized. Our umbrella of programs includes health check-ups, flexible health assessments, wellbeing programs, mental health workshops, mental awareness workshops, behavior change campaigns and much more.

Real Time Updates

Our leading-edge technology engine is pointed at creating individual health quotients for employees, with real-time data sourced from a host of health and wellness metrics. Find details about organizational and individual health trends by navigating through a curated digital health dashboard of your company.

Easy, On the Go Healthcare Management

With easy-to-use mobile and digital interfaces, carry OurHealthMate in your pocket and measure and manage your organization’s health on the go.

Optimum Levels of Security

Our technology ecosystem is armed with advanced HIPAA-compliant security systems that guarantee data integrity with multi-layered safety and security protocols.

Reduced Costs

Studies have shown that healthier employees lead to greater productivity, reduced absenteeism, lower attrition, improved job satisfaction and reduced healthcare costs. By spending a little on wellness today, save big on healthcare tomorrow.

Benefits for Employees

We offer a seamless, convenient healthcare experience that envelops employees in holistic healthcare and equips them with digital wellness tools.

Digital Healthcare Access

The OurHealthMate app serves as a one-stop-shop for employees, for an array of healthcare needs. User-friendly and easy to navigate, the app is an essential tool that can be used to capture your health check-up record, details of doctors’ consultations and much more. It can also offer insightful trends into your medical history, presenting vital clues about possible preventable conditions.

24/7 Customer Support

With our 24/7 digital support center, help is always just an email or message away. Whether it’s a routine question or a troubleshooting concern, our support specialists can help bring your experience back on track.

Vast Selection of Healthcare Services

Our spectrum of specialized, bespoke programs span a wide range of services, including routine health check-ups, maternity services, substance abuse, dependent elder care services, employee wellness workshops, behavior change campaigns, mental health workshops and more.