What does OurHealthMate do?

Can OurHealthMate’s services be customized to my organization?

Can I continue working with existing healthcare vendors if I opt for managed services from OurHealthMate?

Can OurHealthMate help drive engagement in ongoing health and wellness programs?

What types of partners does OurHealthMate work with?

What industries does OurHealthMate primarily cater to?

Do you only cater to companies of a minimum size or scale?

Do you have partner insurance service providers?

In what geographies does OurHealthMate operate?

Can you support companies like us who have employees across geographies?

How do you price your services?

How can I implement OurHealthMate’s services in my organization?

I’ve seen the #KYHN hashtag on OurHealthMate’s social media. What is that all about?

Do you help organizations with wellness goal setting and employee care planning?

What if I have a geographically fragmented workforce? Can employees in other geographies still benefit from a wellness program by OurHealthMate?

Within a wellness program, what is the typical duration of an individual workshop or session?

Which organizational department does an OurHealthMate wellness program funnel into?