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Abhinav Krishna
Co-Founder & CEO
An engineer by profession and athlete by choice.
Abhinav has worked with several start-ups in Singapore and California, as well as been a part of Equity and Electronic Trading teams at CitiBank and Merrill Lynch. Specialist in algorithms, Abhinav is now leading business development and stepping up to the CEO role.
In his free time Abhinav likes to run marathons, climb mountains, paddle with his dragon boat team and burns it all off in pubs! Abhinav heads OurHealthMate with great enthusiasm.
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Ayush Bharti
Co-founder & CTO
Jack of all trades & Master of some
Ayush brings a rich and varied experience to the team spanning across Technology, Marketing, Business Development and HR. He is always ready to help, and displays a severe allergy to BS.
In his free time, he loves playing tennis; watching stand-up comedy and joking with friends and strangers alike.
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Sanjay Havaldar
Founding Partner
Sanjay is the "go-to" guy for OHM. He is forever ready to resolve issues, be it internal or external.
Passionate about customer experience, startups and cooking, he comes with 15 years of experience in the customer service, BPO and online sales industry. Sanjay worked with a startup for 4 years. The company was acquired by McAfee and he continued working with McAfee for the next few years. He was the worldwide head of mobile application support for McAfee and led a team of technical and customer support associates and managers. He brings with him the best of both worlds. He is a great team player and always ready for a discussion to keep his grey cells entertained.
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Siddharth Upadhyaya
Founding Partner
Sid is the connected man at OHM. Some people know everyone - but everyone knows Sid
A Designer turned Management Professional turned working-my-way-up Entrepreneur, Siddharth has diverse experience of over 15 years in key management roles across biz verticals (Brand Strategy; Design & Imagery; Product Innovation; Planning & Process Improvement and Key Account Mgmt). Having worked in both large retail firms as well as entrepreneurial ventures across design – product – ops, he has developed a love for walking into and working in creatively challenging territories rather frequently.
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Madhurima Bhattacharya
In-house Business Consultant
Master at deciphering business sense from spreadsheets and powerpoints
Madhurima has worked with pharmaceutical, FMCG, agribusiness, technology companies across 4 continents in her role as a Management Consultant. Her areas of expertise are analytics, growth strategy and anything relating to emerging markets is of particular interest.
When not playing around with excel models or creating presentations, Madhurima likes to travel, practice speaking in a newly learnt language or just find the next interesting blog to follow online.
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Priyanshu Mishra
Sales Analyst

Priyanshu's interest in computer and marketing brought him to OurHealthMate. He joined OurHealthMate fresh out of college and is passionate about playing golf, singing & cooking.
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Fouziya M.
IT Analyst

Fouziya's passion for learning new things is contagious and her dedication is unmatched. She brings her knowledge of SEO, Data management and Operations to OurHealthMate, tackling every task with gusto
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Noopur Dubey
Project Manager and Testing-guru

Project Manager and Testing-guru, Noopur is also a fantastic Web Designer. She brings along rich academic background in the area of Computer Science and specializes in development and testing of the web based products and websites. She knows very well to manage a team and deliver quality under pressure. Her creative mind is a great tool for her. Highly dedicated and focused professional, willing to explore new opportunities and a go getter instinct.
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Leo Tech Services Pte Ltd
Technology Partner
Technical muscle (and brains too) from over 70 professionals
Singapore’s LEO TECH Services Pte Ltd was founded in 2010 as a specialist R&D studio developing low latency, high availability systems which today process thousands of transactions per second. Now working on all kinds of public and private sector projects, LEO TECH is responsible for OurHealthMate’s technology –from the design and implementation of its software and hardware infrastructure, through to maintaining those systems through its in-house 24/7 service desk. As investors in OurHealthMate, they are more than just a technology partner.

Former HealthMate's
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Dr. Akash Kumar
Another sports enthusiast in the team
Akash has a PhD in Embedded Systems from the Technical University of Eindhoven, Netherlands and is an Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore. Previously Akash has worked at Merrill Lynch and Philips. Akash spends time with the team in setting up directions and objectives.
Very few people get their flying license before the driving license. Akash is one of those people. Akash brings in calmness and patience within the team.
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Office Manager
Loves horseback riding, spending time with animals and cooking.
Also a very friendly and outgoing individual. Shabana has previously worked as a business development manager and also an event coordinator. Having superb communication skills means that’s she is more than able to build a profitable relationship with costumers and key decision makers.
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Avdhesh Shukla
Head of Operations – India
The Go-To person of the team.
With his work experience in project management at Mika Engineering and Tata Engineering, he brings process management skills to run the team. He has been working on defining team structure and establishing working process. is playing a crucial role in expansion of the team in India.
Avdhesh is capable of working 24hours a day and has hunger to learn. He is expert in providing morning coffee to team as well.
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Vishal Gupta
Sales Analyst
He has everlasting hunger for knowledge which keeps driving him to learn and explore as much as possible. Determining a GOAL and moving towards achieving it with a PLAN OF ACTION is the formula for his success. Make positive change to in as many lives as possible is the main motto for him as he wants to live forever in the hearts of living.
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Sharul Siddiqui
Sales Analyst
Sharul has completed his MBA in Marketing and Finance from BBDNITM and joined OHM as a Sales Analyst. He is a Fun loving Guy. He always tries to make everyone happy and cheerful by helping others whenever they needed. At time of leisure he loves listening to music. For him singing is the best way to keep calm and relax. He loves to travel to historical places.
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Sanjay Desai
Sales Head - India
Foodie, Fitness freak, Avid traveller, Movie buff and Music junkie
Sanjay specializes in sales, Business Development and Key Account Management with vast experience in companies like L'Oreal, RUSK and Cavinkare.
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Bhavna Agrahari
Sales Analyst
Bhavna, an MBA from Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow and a science graduate in mathematics, tries to give her individual look to all the works she performs. A sense of passion is seen in her works. She joined our team as Marketing Analyst. She possesses an experience of HR trainee at NTPC. Her art of conversation and convincing ability comes from her hobbies of Dance and Social Service. Besides this, she loves mirth and celebration in life. Her optimistic discourse and enthusiasm spread cheerfulness and positivity in the surrounding. Her will power and attitude towards life, makes her overcome the difficulties in her way to success.
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Ankit Srivastava
Technology & QA Analyst
Technology loving music ethusiast
Ankit is a Computer science Engineer with an interest in Web development, Testing & Software quality assurance. Ankit believes that a start up is the best place to learn new things and explore your potentials. In OurHealthMate, Ankit helps in technology developments and testing of the services before they are rolled out. Apart from work Ankit is passionate about cricket and singing. He loves music in full volume with the headphones turned on.
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Kanu Asthana
Sales & Marketing Manager
The Naughty one
Not only did Kanu graduate amongst top five students of her International Business Bachelors' degree from California State University, Long Beach; but also simultaneously liased on projects with Singapore Children's Society.
Post which she continued her knowledge expeditions through her management trainee stint at Jill Lowe International, Singapore.
She also accumulated hands on knowledge at L'Officiel Singapore by juggling editorial management and feature writings.
As sales & marketing manager for OurHealthMate she combines her strategy and soft skills to grow the company.
An avid reader, she likes to cool her high heels off with comedy series and stand up shows.
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Archana Rao
Operations Analyst
The Ever Smiling One
Archana has completed her MBA in Finance & Marketing from BBDNITM, Lucknow and has joined OurHealthMate as a Sales Analyst. She enjoys listening to music and songs. Archana likes spending time with friends and playing Badminton.
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Sales Analyst
Hera is a Science Graduate. She has completed her MBA in HR & Marketing from BBDNIIT, Lucknow and joined My Fitnesswallet as Sales and Support Analyst. She believes in the philosophy that “Confidence and Hardwork is the best medicine to kill the disease called failure”. She enjoys her work at OurHealthMate and also likes to spend time with her family and friends. In her free time she loves to play basketball, Listening music, watch movies, shopping. She loves to serve physically handicapped people and having soft corner for kids. Once in her lifetime she wants to go for hajj.
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Deepmala Shukla
Sales Analyst
Deepmala has joined OurHealthMate as a Sales Analyst. She pursued Bachelors of Commerce from Avadh Girls’s Degree college affiliated to Lucknow University, Lucknow ,India. She is also versed in basic computer courses from "The Institute of Cost Accountants of India", and computer competency course(CCC). She loves listening to music and singing, net surfing, cooking & Travelling. She believes in "Live life as you want to live".
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Akar Johri
IT Analyst
Akar completed his bachelor's in engineering from AIMT, Lucknow and has joined OurHealthMate as a Technical Support Executive. Akar loves nature, beauty and music. Currently, he is learning guitar. He enjoys his work at OurHealthMate and enjoys with friends as he believes in the philosophy that "life is like an ice-cream enjoy before it melts". .
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Alka Maurya
Sales Analyst
The Slang Innovator
Alka is an MBA from BBDNITM, Lucknow and has joined the team as a Sales analyst. She is a stand up comedian at office but always punctual with her work.
Alka believes that start ups are the best place to learn things and explore all your potentials. She enjoys her work at OurHealthMate and aims at delivering her best towards the expansion and betterment of the company. She loves spending time with her friends and travelling to new places.
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Sneha Dwivedi
Multi-Lingual Sales Expert
Originally from the city of "Tehzeeb"- Lucknow, Sneha has travelled far and wide to lose and find herself. A Sales & Marketing Analyst by profession, she likes to talk and weave stories of people and culture. She yearns to learn new languages and find herself anew amidst different cultures. She likes to experiment with regular food in order to suit her taste buds, dance and loves doodling in her free time.
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Akanksha Sinha
Sales Analyst

Fresh engineering graduate, who wants to try out new things in life. Akanksha is a book hoarder, fitness freak, absolute foodie and loves animals more than people.
She believes that life is too short to have regrets, hence her motto in life is 'Carpe Diem'. Finds joy and humor in little things in life. Takes very few things seriously; one of them being, friends. Wishes to see the world.
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Victoria Vapenstad
Multiple ports athlete by interests, singer by heart.
Flying in from Norway, Victoria joined the team at OurHealthMate to contribute to a meaningful learning exchange across nations. After mastering among 18 other students at the award winning entrepreneurship program supported by innovation Norway, Victoria eagerly helps OurHealthMate take another step in their meaningful journey making the world’s health care better.
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Per Martin Sandtroen
Norwegian skier, politician and business student. Overexcited about Singapore and OurHealthMate!
Martin holds a bachelor degree in economics, and is finishing his master’s degree in business administration this year, with a profile in marketing and brand management. Through the Norwegian Entrepreneurship program, Martin works as an intern at OurHealthMate. Here he is sales and market analyst. In Norway, Martin spends his time on studies, politics and skiing. In Singapore, his goal, besides contributing to the growth of OurHealthMate, is to learn some exciting Indian dance moves.
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Chizuru Sato
Ever Helping Researcher
She came all the way from Toyko, Japan to Singapore to expose and learn from various cultures that make up the country and company. Her experience as a sales executive for a major clothing line gives her soft skills. At OurHealthMate she helps the team by research and analyzing reports on markets. She grew up playing volleyball and now finds her liberation in shopping, and watching horror movies.
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All the way from Norway, Aisha has joined OurHealthMate as an intern, through the Norwegian Entrepreneurship program. Here, she is a sales and marketing analyst. She has completed her bachelor degree in Marketing Management and is currently taking her Masters in Leadership and HR. She is overexcited about being a part of OurHealthMate, contributing to new learning and experience the culture in Singapore. Aisha likes interacting with people, and her previous work experience is mainly within sales and consultancy. In Norway, she spends her time on studying, at the gym, and reading books.
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Trishita Bhattacharya
Tech Intern
Trishita is a sophomore at Pennsylvania State University majoring in Computer Engineering. At OHM she works on database support and mobile development research, specially catering to ClinicLinc. Aside from her interest in computers, she also loves reading books (sci-fi/ fantasy fiction), binge watching tv shows, playing badminton and basketball, and is intrigued by fine arts. Having gone through several rounds of geek vs nerd debate, Trishita is now convinced that she is perfect balance between both!
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Originally from Switzerland, Seraina joined OurHealthMate to expose and learn from various cultures that make up the country and the company. She holds a bachelor degree in international politics of the University of Zurich, Switzerland. She is finishing her master’s degree in international Management this year in Switzerland. Seraina works here as a Sales & Marketing Analyst. Back home, she spends her time on studies, working for different companies and travelling. She gained already some important professional experience in project management and in an HR department of an international Dutch company. In her free time, Seraina likes to discover other countries and different cultures. Furthermore she enjoys learning various languages. From her stay in Singapore Seraina expects getting to know the Singaporean business culture and gathering new experience abroad. In her off time in Singapore, Seraina wants to discover Singapore and doing some short trips to other Southeast Asian countries.
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Camilla joined OurHealthMate through the Norwegian Entrepreneurship Program eager to contribute to an improvement of the digital health care. She is currently working working on her master in Economics and Business Administration with a specialization in Business Analysis and Performance Management at the Norwegian School of Economics. Camilla is a social creature that likes to interact with people and are patient, thats why she has worked in sales and as a teacher assistant at her univercity. When not working on improving the worlds healthcare, Camilla enjoys traveling to new places, skiing, fishing and cooking.

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